What is Google algorithm

Google Algorithm


The Google Algorithm is a search algorithm, this is a set of instructions and rules that determine the ordering of the different search results that users perform in the Google search engine on their results pages. Google’s algorithm is designed to try to offer the user the best result based on the search they perform and is characterized by an incredible dynamism that is very difficult for us to know exactly, since it changes hundreds of times a year.



Factors influencing Google’s algorithm

The Google algorithm is the object of constant study around Google since the greater the knowledge we have of it, the greater the possibility of positioning our website in the first search results. As we have mentioned before, it is very difficult to know in depth the operation of it but nevertheless, there are certain factors that we do know that significantly influence it:

  • Keywords: keywords are one of the fundamental axes of positioning since they indicate to the algorithm about what topics our content deals with and positions it based on it. That is why it is important that we include tagging with meta descriptions that include our keywords for which we want to position.
  • Content quality: Google rewards that our content is as original and natural as possible, and at the same time that it is of quality, that is, that it does not have spelling faults, that it is rich semantically, that the meaning is deductible, etc.
  • Experience on the website: the landing web page must be as optimized as possible, that the loading speed is fast, that it is responsive for all types of devices, that it has a sitemap or that the architecture of the same is well formulated.

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