What is Google Hotel Ads

google hotel adsDefinition:

Google Hotel Ads is Google’s advertising platform created specifically for the hotel industry. It has its origin in , which was a search engine for Hotels. The platform, which originally emerged under the name of Hotel Finder, puts end users in contact with hotels, and allows you to book directly without leaving the platform.



How Google Ads works

Google Ads works as a hotel metasearch engine that returns the most relevant results for the user’s search, and allows their reservation directly with the hotel through the same search engine.

After the user’s search, it shows a box with a map and the highlighted results:


By clicking you will directly access the Google Hotels platform from which you can see reviews, date picker, location, and prices for the different rooms. From this same platform you can finish the entire booking process.



How to advertise in Google Hotel Ads

To be able to carry out campaigns in Google Ads Hotel it is necessary to carry out a previous integration. This integration is advisable to do it with a Hotels partner,since it requires prior development. If you have your own development team, you can request information from Google through a form.

When you have the integration the steps are as follows:

  1. Link Google Hotel Ads and Google Ads accounts both ways.
  2. Upload data feeds:
  3. Create the URLs of the points of sale.
  4. Validate feed data with the Final Integration Test tool to verify that the data is correct.
  5. Create the campaigns in Google Ads.


Google Hotel Ads campaigns

Google Hotel Ads campaigns have a very similar structure for those who are already familiar with Google Ads campaigns, although they have as a particularity that in addition to the bidding systems for ROAS Objective, CPA or CPC, it has the following types of Bids:

  • Fixed percentage of the rate per room.
  • Fixed CPC amount per night.



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