What is Google Discover

google discoverDefinition:

Google Discover is Google’s alternative to compete with social networks. Through its feed it shows publications based on the interests of users. Through this solution, information related to the user’s tastes and queries is displayed thanks to the information that Google and AI collate.

Google’s new functionality is only present in the mobile version. With Google Discover it is intended to generate an informational feed that can compete with social networks thanks to all the information and data of the users that it stores.



Google Discover features

Google allows you to get useful and relevant information through cards that include from information about trips or artists to weather data. It gives the user the option to define the topics that interest him and select the ones that do not to optimize his feed. It also allows you to enhance that a topic appears more recurrently in the feed.


Ads in Google Discover

Google monetizes its new functionality through ads. The new ads will show up in the Discover, Youtube, and Gmail feed targeted by audiences and not keywords.

Designed to cover the entire user conversion funnel, Google bases these ads on search intent and audience targeting.

Seo in Google Discover

You need to register with Google News Publisher Center to appear in Discover. It is a solution designed for mobile so the place where you stay has to be optimized for this device. The main thing is quality content, key for the content to be displayed. There is nothing confirmed yet, but everything indicates that the main KPI to get a better position is the CTR. The social feed format used by Google is not designed to generate engagement so the only option that the search engine has to know the interest in the news the percentage of clicks. Images are very important to improve the position in the ranking and help to improve the CTR. They must be in 1:1 or 16:9 format.

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