What is Google Penguin

google penguinDefinition:

Google Penguin is the name given to a major update to Google’s algorithm released in 2012. Through Penguin, the North American multinational included notable changes in the search algorithm aimed at combating webspam and low-quality links.

Linkbuilding after Google Penguin

From this update radically changed the form of organic positioning of many digital marketing techniques, especially link building.

Since its launch in 2012, successive versions of Google Penguin have been released in 2012, 2014 and 2016, respectively.


Main changes of Google Penguin

With the arrival of Google Penguin in April 2012, there was one of the biggest updates to Google’s search algorithm, which introduced very noticeable changes:

  • Naturalness of links:with the arrival of Google Penguin, Black Hat techniques are punished (techniques to deceive the Google search engine) such as increasing the density of keywords or creating artificial links through link farms.
  • Link Quality:as a result of this update, the concept of DA (Domain Authority) begins to gain special importance, this is the authority or strength of a website with respect to its organic positioning. Those links to our website that come from websites with a high DA reward us more when it comes to positioning in search engines. On the contrary, if we massify links through websites that have a reduced DA, it will negatively affect us in the SERP.
  • Webspam:all those actions that consist of publishing spam comments in forums and blogs as well as repeating the same article on dozens of websites will also harm us negatively so the best thing to generate original and quality content.
  • Linkjuice:from the last update released in 2016, Google takes into account whether the transfer of link juice between website links is valid or not depending on whether both sites share a theme.

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