What is Unfollow



To unfollow is to stop tracking (a person, group, or organization) on a website or social media app by unsubscribing from your account.

On social media, follow or follow represents a user who chooses to view all of another user’s posts. Getting users to follow their accounts is a primary goal for online businesses with a social media presence.

Follows are different from tastes and actions. While likes, retweets and shares indicate that people find value in an individual post, a follow expresses interest in receiving constant updates. A follow-up indicates a higher level of engagement with the public, giving it more value than other engagement metrics.

Reasons to unfollow someone or something on Social Media through “unfollow”

  • When it is a brand with which we stop feeling identified because it has changed its initial values.
  • When the brand abuses advertising on its twitter, facebook or instagram account.
  • As for individuals, we unfollow with them when we stop having friendships or are no longer interested in what they can share.

Can unfollows be avoided?

You can not prevent someone from unceasing to follow you unless you get their mobile and prevent them from entering the social network on duty and this is NOT a good idea. What you can do is the following:

  • Generate very visual content and according to the tastes of most of your users.
  • Create a line of recognizable publications for your brand whether you are a company or an individual
  • Offer content that only you can give either via advice, suggestions, live chats with your followers, etc.
  • Conduct contests that prioritize the “follow” of potential followers and avoid the unfollow of your current followers

Tools to know who has un followed you


Unfollowerstats is an online tool that monitors your followers on Twitter every day and keeps a record of those who stop following you so that you also stop following them.


This is an app that informs you of the people who made you unfollow in different social networks, including Instagram. This app is available for Android and IOS.

Once this is done, your social media profile should start to grow and your community should be more active.

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