What is Banner exchange

Banner Exchange


The exchange of banners is an advertising technique that consists of a reciprocal exchange in which two web pages agree to exchange this type of advertising format on their respective sites. The exchange can be arranged for free or through an Ad Server, which allows the rotation of a banner on a multitude of websites.

To understand this practice, you must first make it clear what a banner is. It is the most popular advertising format on the internet and consists of including a graphic advertising piece within a web page with the aim of attracting traffic to the page itself. It is increasingly common to find banners that include videos, more attractive to users.

Impact of banner sharing on SEO

Although years ago it was a practice widely used by web page managers, today it is not recommended. The problem is that Google considers the exchange of banners as an unnatural form of link acquisition, so it penalizes those who execute it in organic positioning (SEO). This is because external links are one of the factors most valued by the search engine, provided that they have been achieved in a ‘natural’ way.

The exchange of advertising was usually measured by the number of impressions,which is the frequency with which an advertisement is shown on a digital medium.