What is Discord


Discord is a chat application, which would be similar to Skype, TeamSpeak or Slack but for gamers. It is one of the simplest ways that players have to communicate with each other.

What is Discord?

Discord favors communication especially if you use a PC to play. It is an application that allows you to chat with another person easily and have them on a list of friends to have faster communication. But it is not only a form of communication, but also serves as an organizational and social tool.

A large part of the users have ended up using it as a semi-public community platform in the style of a forum. It brings together players with common interests or fans of the same game. They can both join and create public or private “servers”, which will allow the meeting of several people.

What is Discord for?

It is a way to have a direct connection with people who play or have the same interests as you. It allows you to participate in chats about the video games you prefer and talk about the topics that interest you the most. But you also find people who are dedicated to creating games, software and hardware engineers.

Finally it also works as a store, where you can buy exclusive games.

Discord as a working tool

Discord should not only be seen as an entertainment tool but also as a tool for any type of work or for marketing strategy development. Among them we can highlight:

  • Influencers find a platform where they can have greater control of the management of their community and be able to create exclusive spaces for the most active fans. In addition, it allows you to
  • In the educational area it can be used as a private channel for specific purposes. Whether it’s to organize an event, share course content, or create opinion and discussion groups.

Tips for developing marketing strategies

It is a tool that can bring great benefits to a marketing strategy. For this, it is important that you know, previously, some techniques that will be of great help to organize it and then implement it in a brand.

  • Set the goals. The fundamental thing in any marketing strategy is to define the objectives. You must establish the members that will enter the platform, number of channels to be created, names of these groups. You also have to establish the roles that each user will fulfill and the invitation to external organizations.
  • Determine the target audience. You need to set the audience you want to reach. Different factors such as market segmentation, existence of complementary and supplementary products should be considered. The marketing strategy should be included in Discord to make communication between team members more efficient. It allows to communicate in a faster way the changes that have occurred in the market.
  • Share your server. It is critical that the server is shared with both the team and customers and vendors. It is paramount to reach the goal with greater ease.
  • Provide value on your server. Once the members of the server can work and be aware of the latest news, the productivity of the server has to be improved.