What is Skype



Skype is a remote communication software through video calls,calls and text, owned by the American multinational Microsoft. This application is cross-platform and allows you to communicate through computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Skype operates through a P2P model through a private VolP telephony protocol that allows you to communicate with great call quality. Nowadays Skype has become a reference in the video call sector, and has millions of daily users around the world.

Main Features of Skype

Skype has not been limited only to being a video calling service but includes numerous features among which are:

  • Telephony service:Includes a paid voice call service over a mobile or fixed network.
  • Instant Messaging:allows you to chat and send files such as audios, images and emojis as well as other applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger, which Microsoft removed after the acquisition of Skype.
  • Conference calls:Skype allows you to make voice conferences between several users at once, which can start from the beginning or be added later.
  • Video calls:if the user has a webcam and microphone, they can participate in video calls and in the same way make videoconferences with several participants.
  • SMS messaging:By payment, Skype also allows you to send text messages to other mobile devices.

Skype and Business

The emergence of video calling services such as Skype have been a real advance for companies, especially as far as business relationships are concerned. Thanks to Skype, companies can hold conferences with members in different parts of the world, interview job candidates or close business deals.

Within the world of Digital Marketing, what is called Skype Marketing has emerged, which focuses on attracting customers, attracting traffic and getting sales through this platform.

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