What is Clickbait



The term Clickbait refers to a part of the content (usually the headline, although it can be an image, video, etc.) that intentionally promises, misrepresents or manipulates to attract users to a particular website. The intention of clickbait is to generate enormous traffic to the web or a certain video and also create brand awareness.

Clickbait as a source of traffic

Clickbaiting is a technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially when it comes to pages that work through advertising models such as the cost per thousand impressions. In case we resort to this technique occasionally and attracting worked content we can obtain as a reward a notable increase in traffic.

Disadvantages of Clickbait

Although in the first instance this practice may seem a beneficial technique, it can bring with it a series of negative consequences, in the event that the content to which we link does not enjoy sufficient quality. In this case, from an SEO point of view, making use of clickbait may not bring too many benefits. And is that although the visits may be more, the bounce rate or the experience on the page will be affected by what could ultimately mean a loss of relevance with the consequent decrease in positions in the search engine. Another negative aspect that brings with it the misuse of clickbait is the bad image it provides to those websites that resort excessively to this technique and is the users end up noticing it and in this way it can end up penalizing the image of the brand that performs this practice.

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