What is Link Baiting

link baitingDefinition:

Linkbaiting is a type of web marketing to increase the popularity of a website’s links. The linkbait is actual content within a website or blog that is included by the author to encourage (or “bait”) other bloggers and webmasters to create a link back to the content of their own page. The content is usually sensational in nature or at least interesting enough to grab the attention of others.

Link Baiting in SEO

In SEO, the most important element of linkbaiting is creating engaging content, something where the reader finds something of value. Examples of linbait are breaking news, shocking images, infographics, controversy, humor, educational material, and apps. If your content has value to readers, they will be more likely to share the link.

Beyond the quality of the content itself, the most common linkbaiting tactics are the creation of titles that attract readers with the content and the development of reciprocal relationships with other content producers.

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