What is Vkontakte



Vkontakte (better known by its acronym, VK)is a horizontal social network founded in 2007 by the Russian Pavel Durov, this being the most popular social network in the area of Eastern Europe, mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Originally conceived as a university platform for students, its great popularity ended up welcoming all types of users.

Despite the multiple accusations of their resemblance to Facebook, although it is true that at the interface level they enjoy a certain similarity, in terms of functionality it is referred to if we can distinguish multiple characteristics between both social networks.

Main features of Vkontakte

With the passage of time VK has been incorporating multiple functionalities until it becomes a very complete platform. Among its main features we can highlight:

  • A simple interface with a fast learning curve for the user, which strongly resembles that of the social network Facebook.
  • Possibility to upload and share on your profile (“wall”) all kinds of files:images, videos. documents or audio.
  • Option to create or belong to communities,discussion groups, public pages and events.
  • Internal messaging system with the possibility of forming groups of up to 500 people with exchange of all types of multimedia content.
  • Video hosting service,very similar to Youtube, with the possibility to subscribe to channels, perform searches with filters, etc. Users can also stream video games and earn money through donations.
  • Ecommerce: VK is also a huge market in the purest Wallapop style where its users advertise all kinds of products or services.
  • Multiple customization options:more complete profiles, option to filter advertising, numerous options when publishing statuses…
  • Money transfers:It is possible to make small money transfers between users. This service has a small commission.
  • Numerous functionalities for those advertisers who wish to advertise.

Vkontakte’s figures

  • Valued at $3 billion, with annual advertising revenues of around $200 million.
  • More than 400 million registered accounts and close to 100 million active users.
  • 650 million daily video views and 96 million posts viewed every day.
  • More than 70% of Vkontakte is made up of children under 30 years of age.
  • Available in more than 15 languages

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