What is Thank You Page

Thank you page


A Thank You Page is the page of our website on which we land those users who make a conversion within it. Although simply the objective of this page is to thank the user for the time and effort he has dedicated to making the conversion, it has acquired a much broader concept and functionalities as we will mention later.

When the user performs actions such as filling out a form, creating a profile or making an online purchase, it is the moment we use to redirect him to this Thank You Page, ending the conversion process.

Thank You Page Goals

Through a Thank You Page we can perform a series of actions that go far beyond just thanking the user for the conversion, and raise it as an element of real importance within our marketing strategy:

  • Gratitude:the fact that the functions of this type of page can go much further does not mean that the original objective of a Thank You Page is to thank the lead for the time invested in us. In this way the user will notice that we are considerate and will improve our brand image and engagement.
  • Confirmation:Eliminate user uncertainty by confirming that the process has been completed properly. Making a purchase or creating a profile and then not receiving a confirmation can lead to a bad experience for the user.
  • Remarketing:when the user makes an online purchase, there is an unmissable opportunity to offer products related to those he has already acquired and thus increase our sales.
  • Engagement:through the Thank You Page we can offer content related to our user in order to get them to browse our website for a longer time.
  • Promotion:it is not a negligible idea to include a call to action through social networks such as Facebook or twitter to encourage the user to publish that he has performed the action on our website or simply to subscribe.

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