What is Returning visitor

Returning visitorDefinition:

We define as a Returning Visitor those users who visit our website on more than one occasion during a specific period of time. Of the total number of different browsers identified, the returning visitors are those who have been identified more than once within the analyzed period. It is a metric that indicates that the web has been accessed on several occasions.

In Google Analytics, a returning visitor is a user who was already assigned a client ID at the time of the visit or session. The client ID is a unique identifier that is generated in the first session of a browser. When a user deletes cookies, or browses in a browser other than the previous session, he will be considered a new user.

Returning visitor in SEO

Returning visitors represent a specific type of user and as such, requires that we carry out digital marketing strategies adapted to them, since their behavior is different from that of other users.

In the case of new users, our main objective is their loyalty, that is, to convert them into returning visitors. As for the latter, we understand that they are users with a greater predisposition to make purchases or conversions on our website and therefore we must guide them through the purchase funnel to achieve these objectives ultimately.

When analyzing new and returning users it is very important to take into account the period of time we are taking as a reference since depending on the situation, a new user can become a returning and vice versa. In addition, returning visitors are located through cookies so if they decide to delete them from their history they would appear again as returning visitors.

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