What is Hard Bounce

Hard Bounce


The hard bounce is a term used in email marketing, which refers to the return of emails that have not been able to reach their recipient due to a permanent failure in delivery.

Causes of hard bounce

There are many factors that can cause a hard bounce. Normally it is usually a minimum percentage of the total number of emails sent.

Yes, it is an important indicator to take into account when establishing margins of failed contacts when we send large emails.

These are the most common causes

  • Non-existence of the recipient
  • Typo in email address
  • Invalid email address
  • Blocked email address
  • Mail marked as SPAM (undoubtedly the most serious, since it is due to a decision that the user has made directly)

Consequences to consider

When a hard bounce occurs, the email address associated with it should be immediately removed from the contact list because it is an email account that will not bring positive benefit to a company, since it will not be able to contact the user.

It is highly recommended to keep the bounce rate under control to ensure that emails are reaching contacts.

You must also have the contact list controlled and delete those whose emails have been returned as this can help you comply with anti-spam laws.

Mailchimp,one of the most used mail marketing managers, indicates that an account can be blocked if these anti-spam laws are not complied with.

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