What is Google Analytics 360 suite

google analytics 360 suiteDefinition:

Google Analytics 360 suite
is a digital analytics package of 6 products that contains four new ones and two that have been renamed. These products are company-oriented.

Google Analytics 360 components

The suite contains:

Google Optimize 360

This beta product performs testing, A/B testing, on websites and gives the option to customize it to help marketers deliver a better user experience. It’s the same principle as content experiments, but making testing a separate product. Its configuration is very simple and its use is not complicated.

Google Attribution 360

Formerly known as Adometry,this product has been rebuilt from the ground up, to help advertisers understand all the marketing investments they’ve made, both online and offline, by employing multi-channel attribution techniques and marketing mix modeling.

Google Audience Center 360

Also in beta, it is a data management platform(DMP)to help understand customers and find new users across different channels, devices and campaigns. This app offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick,as well as being open to third-party data providers and DSPs.

Google Data Studio 360

With the beta version of this program, data analysis and product visualization is offered that integrates information from all the products in the suite and from other data sources, making reports and dashboards rich and interactive. It also integrates real-time built-in collaboration and sharing based on Google Docstechnology.

Google Analytics 360

Without any change in its features, this is google analytics premium renamed.

Google Tag Manager 360

Like the previous one, this is the Google Tag Manager for Premium,without any substantial changes, although it has been improved by simplifying the way of collecting information from the site to improve the accuracy of the data and make workflows easier.

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