What is Response code 200 Ok

Response code 200 ok


The response code 200 ok is a type of HTTP status code that shows that a request has been processed correctly. That is, all the data that has been requested has been received by the server without any problem and has been transmitted to the browser efficiently.

HTTP status codes are useful for both operators and SEO. When a user visits a web page, the transmission of data to his browser is carried out thanks to the HTTP hypertext transfer protocol. That is, when the browser is put into operation, a request is made to the web server, which responds with an HTTP status code.

HTTP response codes

In addition to the response code 200 Ok there are another series of codes that appear to respond to different situations. In this case it occurs when a client, or browser makes a request, the server processes it correctly and creates the new resource. We also have the code 202: Accepted or accepted. This is in response when the server accepts the request but still has to process it.

Code 203: Non authoritative information is non-authoritative information. This happens when the server receives the request from the client and accepts it but does so from another server. We can also find the code 204: No content or no content. This will result when the server accepts and processes the request but does not have the content.

Code 205: Reset content is presented when the server accepts the request but has no content because the client has reset the view. Then a content reload message appears. Code 206: Partial content appears when the server receives and processes the client’s request but cannot deliver all the requested content.

Code 207: Multi-Status is the response code when it consists of a . XLM where different answers are specified. Finally, we have the code 208: Already Reported or pending report. This happens when the list has already been notified and they are going to be relisted.

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