What is Activities, Interests and Opinions (AIO)

Activities, interests and opinions - AIO


Activities, interests and opinions are a series of measurable psychographic variables that involve the interests and beliefs of consumers.

Activities, interests, and opinions—or AIOs—are the characteristics of an individual used by researchers to create their psychographic profile. When combined with quantifiable characteristics such as age, income or education level, an AIO profile provides a great understanding of what an individual likes and dislikes as a consumer. Product-specific activities, interests, and opinions, rather than general AIOs, are typically used in the development of new products to predict consumer response to those products.

Applications of AIO measurement

The measurement of the AIO is used by sellers as a research tool to determine the influences on consumer behavior and adjust them to consumer markets, being a very useful element within digital marketing. Researchers ask respondents to indicate the degree to which they agree or disagree with a number of statements about their activities, interests, and opinions. The responses received are always demographically linked.

AIO Questionnaires

Questionnaires are usually quite long and contain statements such as:

  • I would rather stay at home than go out and have fun out there.
  • In my case, I prefer to dress more comfortably instead of being fashionable.
  • I like to watch talk shows on TV.
  • I’m the kind of person who likes to make impulse purchases.
  • I always think about my plans very carefully.

The evaluation of the AIO is most useful in planning the marketing strategy, as it can help identify the group with a lifestyle towards which a product will be destined. You can also develop a new point of view of an already existing market, creating new strategies, as well as positioning the product in the market. It can also help indicate the properties of the product in a more elaborate way and targeting the target audience more effectively.

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