What is Browser



A browser is a software or computer application that through a graphical interface allows users to scroll or navigate through the web through hyperlinks and URLs. The browser communicates with the servers using HTTP language, receives files in HTML code, translates it and displays it on the screen to the user.

Functionalities of a browser

The browser makes it possible to perform multiple actions while browsing the web,such as linking between websites, playing multimedia content, editing text, uploading and downloading files, sending emails, browsing tabs and many more.

Because today everything revolves around the internet and the web, browsers have become the most used computer programs by users, since there is practically no device that does not incorporate them as standard.

Main Browsers

  • Google Chrome:The Google browser created in 2008 was gaining followers over the years thanks to its speed and its offer of extensions to become the undisputed leader in the web browser market. Currently, more than 66%, that is, two out of three users use this browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox:in the second position of the most used browsers and very far from the first, we find Mozilla Firefox with 10% of users. Its main feature of this browser is that the presence of free and open source software, which make it more positive in terms of privacy is also one of the preferred by computer programmers.
  • Internet Explorer: developed by Microsoft, in its origin it was the most used search engine in the world as it was the browser that was installed by default in Windows operating systems. However, the appearance of competitors and certain features that have not finished convincing users have caused the number of users to fall drastically and currently not exceed 7%.
  • Safari: the last browser on our list is the software designed by Apple for the Mac Os operating system and later for Iphone phones, it has always stood out for a very polished design.

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