What is Organic Reach

Organic Reach


Organic reach on social media is the total number of unique users who have been shown a certain post that has not been promoted. Unlike the so-called “paid reach” this type of reach only refers to the impressions of publications naturally and without implicit carrying any type of cost.

Normally this type of reach is usually produced by the followers of a page, although not in its entirety, there is a small part of organic reach of users who visit randomly or by some previous reference. Edgerank is Facebook’s algorithm that penalizes business pages by limiting their organic reach to the detriment of personal accounts. Consistency in publications and the relevance of their information are also key factors in generating organic impressions.

Why Organic Reach Is Limited on Facebook

Organic reach is increasingly limited because Facebook wants to prioritize posts promoted through Facebook Ads. Limiting the organic reach of business publications forces businesses to work with the advertising platform and invest money so that the publications reach their users.
According to Facebook, the algorithm change is due to the attempt to improve the user’s user experience. The quality of the page and the publications is especially valued by Facebook. The platform decides if the content will be relevant to users and will reward it by giving it greater visibility.

How Facebook decides what content it shows in the feed

Facebook relies on an algorithm that analyzes more than 100,000 factors to display organic content.
The simplified formula:

Organic Range = I * P * A * T * N

  • I: Interest. Relationship of the user with the page that publishes the post. The greater the affinity between the user and the author, the better organic reach you will have.
  • Q: Publication. How other users have reacted to the same post. Positive reactions and engagement will give greater relevance to the article.
  • A: Author. The history of the author page of the article is reviewed. Their previous publications and their interaction with their followers are taken into account.
  • T: Type. The type of post published is an important factor in order to achieve greater organic reach. The content should be the way your followers like it. It is not the same to publish a photo than a link or a link.
  • N: New. The most innovative publications are prioritized. The more recent the post, the better reach it will have.

How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

There are different strategies to increase the relevance of the publication and improve organic reach on Facebook among the most common are:

  • Publish timeless content. Although recent posts are more relevant, evergreen content allows the publication to receive interactions for long periods. As the interactions and the engagement grow, you will achieve better results.
  • Create private groups with the most active users and publish to the group. Engage these users with relevant content that allows them to interact with the company.
  • Analyze followers to publish posts according to their interests. Look for points where you can improve posts such as adding more links or using larger images based on user reactions to old posts.

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