What is PHP


PHP is the recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, an open source programming language widely used especially in the development of applications and web, this code language can be embedded in HTML5 since it is a very variable code favors the link between the user interface and the servers.

Differentiating the PHP programming language with the typical ones such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript is simple, the latter are read first by the browser when accessing a website, while PHP runs directly on the page server.

What php is for

The main function of PHP, but not the only one, is the agility and speed with which it connects users with servers thanks to the fact that it runs in the databases of the servers as we have already mentioned.

We can find PHP in all WordPress plugins and templates, it is one of the most widespread uses of this language. Being an open and simple source it is very easy to manage all the extensions that serve to keep all the websites of the platform updated, as different functions are created.

In Electronic Commerce or Ecommerce also appears to a large extent the PHP. It is very necessary that in this type of web pages the loading speed is high and the waiting time low to give confidence to the client, this language provides for its fast communication with the databases. In an E-commerce it is common for images and videos to be linked to a product for the user to see, so it is necessary to speed up the loading of these contents and the perfect language to do so is PHP.

Benefits of using PHP

It is fundamental for the experience of the users the speed in the navigation, we want everything immediate, has this give a great weight the search engines and that is why it is important a fast load that does not give PHP, but not only has this benefit:

  • It has a very large community of developers who are constantly updating and improving the language.
  • It is one of the simplest languages you can find in the world of programming.
  • You can use it on any type of server and different virtual operating systems.
  • PHP can be combined with other programming languages such as HTML, CSS or Java.
  • It supports a large number of different databases, for this reason it is ideal for the creation of web and database-based applications.

There could also be some problems or disadvantages when using this type of code, as you need a web server to do all the work, if many requests come in in a row there may be the possibility that the performance would be affected.

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