What is Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic


Organic traffic refers to visitors who arrive at a website by clicking on the search results that lead to that particular site. Organic traffic from a website can be segmented to show the percentage of traffic coming from search engines on web pages or sections of the site, through the use of a web analytics program.

Organic traffic is used to describe traffic that a site hasn’t paid for, in contrast to paid traffic, which results from users clicking through a sponsored search result or ads.

Some examples of techniques used for organic SEO include the use of keywords and keyword analysis, linkbuilding to improve link popularity, and writing relevant content for readers.

Volume of organic traffic

A high volume of organic traffic is, in general, a positive thing for a website. This means that the content is good enough to build a high position in the search range. Being dependent on search traffic is not necessarily a serious weakness, it simply means that any change in the search engine rank will have a big impact on the page views of the site.

The optimal thing is to combine paid and organic search visibility strategies by buying ads, as well as cultivating good search engine optimization.

Differences between organic traffic and paid traffic

Compared to paid positioning, also known as SEM, organic positioning presents a number of advantages. The most obvious is the cost of it since you do not have to make a disbursement per click as such although we can consider it an investment. This makes more sense if we understand that paid positioning gives practically immediate results while organic positioning is more of a medium or long-term strategy and therefore we must be more patient when expecting results. This implies that while SEM strategies present greater flexibility in changes, SEO on the contrary is more invariable and it is much more advisable to maintain a constant strategy over time.

Increase organic traffic

There are a number of actions and recommendations that we must carry out if we want to improve organic traffic:

  • Linkbuilding: consists of generating links that point to our website. These links should be as natural as possible and created in a staggered way so that search engines incorporate them progressively.
  • Keywords: keywords are the starting point that will attract qualified users to our website so it is very important that we carry out a previous study about which words we want to position for our website.
  • Content: content is the king of the internet, designing a content strategy is essential to improve our organic positioning and attract as many users as possible to our website.

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