What is Keyword



The term keyword it is commonly used in online marketing to refer to the terms used in the online search engine. They are terms with which it is intended to attract organic traffic to a website. In a keyword study, metrics such as search volume, estimated cost per click or positioning difficulty are taken into account.

Keywords are used in SEO strategies to position our website or a certain product or article within a blog. In addition, with this type of tool we can find out as a result of what words users access the web and thus enhance them.

Types of keyword

Within SEO or organic positioning we find several types of keywords that we can divide between long tail, medium tail or short tail. The keyword long tail are several words, from four, that usually have fewer searches than the rest of the variants. Because of this they are much easier to position in search engines. These types of words are the ones that are first used when you start creating content on a new website to try to attract visitors.

Medium tails are more difficult keywords to position since they have a higher volume of searches. Finally we have the short tail. These types of words are very generic and the most difficult to position. That is why it will always be more difficult to get traffic or customers through this type of keyword.

How to do a keyword study

In order to start conducting a keyword research, you must differentiate between the factors that affect these words. Users can use informative keywords (with which they search for information on the Internet) or transactional (with which they want to make a transaction or purchase). There are also navigational, those words they use to find a specific website.

In order to locate the keywords that will best go to a website or product we have several tools. The first thing we must do is know what product or service we are offering and on this make a first list of words. Then we will specify where our business is directed or where we sell to be able to focus these searches. This list will be too generic but on it we can work to focus the keywords we need.

Now it will be time to look for a tool that will help us focus these searches. On the Internet we will find a multitude of applications and websites that will facilitate this task and in addition, many of them are free.

Google, for example, doesn’t give several options. We can use Google Trends, with which we can see and compare users’ searches. It also allows us to know what the search trends are globally. On the other hand we have Google Keyword Planner the Google Ads
keyword planner. There is another free tool called Ubersuggest very easy to use that also allows you to know words related to a certain search and the topics that we can use or combine.

With these keys we can make a list of keywords suitable for each company, website or services in order to attract more traffic from search engines.

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