What is Open Rate

Open Rate


The Open Rate is the ratio, within Email Marketing, between emails sent and open emails. TA= (Open Mail/Emails Sent)*100

On average, the average open rate in email marketing is between 20 and 25%, and exceeding 30% usually involves a fairly large effort. However, this rate depends on many factors, for example if it is a purchased list it does not usually exceed 5% but on the contrary in double opt-in processes the percentages can rise up to 50-60%. The open rate is usually calculated thanks to a tracking code that is incorporated into the emails and collects if they are opened.

How to Optimize Open Rate

There are recommendations that we can apply when it comes to improving our success rate of opening emails:

  • Take care of the database: it is not about having many contacts, but that these are relevant enough in relation to our products, so it is advisable to segment the public according to the products or services offered by your brand.
  • Test: do not limit yourself to always doing the same thing, try different campaigns and incorporate different variables to see which one gives you the best results.
  • Arouse the interest of the reader: the more original and attractive your emails are, the more curiosity you will arouse in users and will significantly increase your open rate
  • Take care of the form and style: try to use a pleasant and formal language, and at the same time play with the visual, remember that our brain processes images much faster than text so it will determine the first impression. Also try that the information is correctly synthesized and that the message is not too complex to understand.


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