What is Mailing



Mailing is a marketing strategy to attract customers and, also, obtain sales through emails. To carry out a good mailing strategy we have to send interesting information to the user. When we refer to the concept of mailing we tend to associate it with simple campaigns. But, we can also talk about automation marketing.

The main objective of mailing is to make known to customers a service or product of our brand to different users that we have in our database. It is intended to stimulate the relationship with the customer,build customer loyalty and in turn increase sales.

How to do mailing?

We can send an email to many recipients from the traditional email manager. But, this technique is not recommended as it can be mistaken as spam. It is advisable to use tools that have their own templates. This will make mail much more attractive to users. There are tools that will allow you to segment recipients. That is, we can create a campaign for people who have already purchased or we can make one for those people who have products in the cart. We can also generate a personalized content strategy adapted to each purchase process.

How to plan a mailing campaign?

To carry out a good mailing strategy we have to:

  1. Choose a platform to send our campaigns.
  2. Generate our own customer lists.
  3. Perform a segmentation of recipients.
  4. Customization for each type of client.
  5. Adapt the content to each need.

When we perform mailing tasks, we have to know how to make good use of “urgency”. That is, if we have products on offer, a good call for promotion may be “limited offers”. Finally, it is very important to create community value. All customers are important, but we have to always think about returning consumers. These are the ones that have the most chances to buy again and spend more on each operation.

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