What is CTOR


CTOR or Click-to-Open Rate is a metric used in email marketing to measure the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. It’s a measure of how many people have clicked on a link in an email versus the number of people who have opened the message, and can be used to determine if your content resonates with your subscribers.

What is CTOR for?

CTOR is an important metric for understanding the success of email campaigns and can be used to identify areas for improvement. CTOR data can also provide insight into which email messages are most effective for a particular subscriber list, as well as track changes in user engagement over time.

How the CTOR is calculated

CTOR stands for Click-to-Open Rate and is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks an email receives by the total number of opens. This metric determines the effectiveness of an email’s content, as well as its appeal to subscribers. An ideal CTOR should be between 20% and 30%, although this range may vary by sector.

Difference between CTOR and CTR

The main difference between CTOR and CTR (Click-Through Rate) is that CTOR takes into account the number of people who have opened an email in addition to those who have clicked on a link. CTR only measures the number of clicks compared to the total number of emails sent

CTOR focuses more on tracking email engagement, while CTR focuses more on tracking clicks.

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