What is Active Campaign

Active Campaign


Active Campaign is an automation tool based on email marketing. It is ideal for beginners of inbound marketing and marketing automation. Active Campaign has many CRM functionalities that will help us in relationships with customers and users. With Active Campaign we can create a much more active customer experience.

This tool is commonly used Ecommerce, digital companies and B2B. With this tool we have very good reach and participation, since it uses a very precise segmentation to find the most appropriate aspects. We thus achieve that the audience grows and we attract attention with more appropriate messages.

Advantages of Active Campaign:

This automation platform has a number of advantages:

  • Great capacity for personalization of newsletters. With this tool we can dedicate some lines of mailing to a recipient, even if it is directed to a list of subscribers. In addition, we can write a section only for users who use a mail manager.
  • Creation of much more accurate sales funnels.
  • We can perform a segmentation based on the interest you have or the status of the purchase.

Active Campaign Features

We can highlight several functionalities:

  • Pricing: It has a free version with which we can configure several options. Its main differentiating aspect is that it is based on the functionalities and configurations that we want to activate, not on the number of contacts.
  • Templates:With Active Campaign we can create email templates to save and send them whenever we want. In addition, we can extract analytical data to carry out a study of the sending of emails.
  • Forms:this platform presents the option of being able to design our own form. Once the form is created, we can modify it without any problem.
  • Registration properties:In terms of records management and user behavior, there are several aspects that we can control with Active Campaign. We can create properties based on the style of the customer’s life cycle, we can synchronize with the CRM each lifecycle, among many other functionalities.

On the other hand, when we implement our project, we may have numerous doubts about it. Active Campaign offers its own online documentation and technical support.

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