What is Linux


Linux or GNU/Linux is a cross-platform free software operating system created by Finnish Linus Tovalds. Its free software implies that it is not owned by any person or company and the source code is visible to anyone so it can be modified at the pleasure of anyone. It is also a cross-platform, multi-user and multitasking system, providing the command interface and the graphical interface.


History of Linux

In the 1980s, the Free Software Foundation together with Richard Stallman created the GNU project in order to develop a UNIX-compatible operating system (a multitasking and multi-device system created in the early 70s). The GNU project was progressively developed, however it lacked a good core. This absence was filled in 1991 when the Finnish Linus Tovalds began a project that culminated in the kernel of an operating system, Linux. In this way the GNU/Linux operating system emerged, which we know informally as Linux.

Since 1991, 5 versions of the Linux kernel have been released, in the years 1994, 1996, 2011, 2015 and 2019. Since then, it is estimated that approximately 10 million users use the Linux operating system worldwide, which is undoubtedly the most widely used UNIX system. It should be noted that as a result of the Linux kernel emerged Android, the famous operating system for mobile devices from Google.


Linux distributions:

Thanks to the free Linux software that allows anyone to modify it, various distributions have been developed, that is, versions created specifically for a certain group of users. Among the most famous Linux distributions are:

  • Fedora: distribution created by the company Red Hat that seeks to be a benchmark in the open source market, characterized by being a stable and very secure system.
  • Debian:it is one of the first distributions to develop Linux, which served as the basis for later and being one of the most popular, it stands out for its large repository of distribution packages and its packaging system .deb
  • Ubuntu:this is undoubtedly the most popular Linux distribution, oriented to the average user, it is a very easy to use version and very focused on the user experience.

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