What is Infographic



An infographic is a combination of images and graphic explanations that provides the reader with the transmission of that information in a simpler way, facilitating the understanding of the topic being treated.

It is one of the communication techniques currently booming due to the speed with which it implies concepts through graphics, illustrations, and without the need to read a large amount of text, which adapts perfectly to the reading and navigation trends of the users of the S. XXI, a fleeting reading, conceptual and simple.

This type of communication improves the navigation statistics within the pages where they are used, as well as the viralization of the content, compared to the text-only explanations that used to be done traditionally.

Reasons to use an infographic

Within our digital marketing strategy we should not disdain the use of infographics, since there are several benefits that they can bring us:

  • Facilitates understanding: Infographics are extremely useful to explain information in a much simpler way than if we only did it through text, therefore it is a very effective way to explain ideas and concepts in a much more visual and pleasant way for the reader. In addition, it is proven that this type of content is easier to remember and remains longer in our memory.
  • Generate Engagement: those websites that complement their content with the use of infographics have more possibility of capturing attention and improving the user experience, making them stay longer within the website and want to revisit it on future occasions.
  • They provide aesthetics: the inclusion of infographics in a current website as an excellent complement at the design level, making the visit to the page less monotonous and bringing variety to the whole. Its visual power is also a very effective tool to reinforce the visual identity of our brand.
  • Viralizable: as an added bonus, visual content has a greater tendency to be shared than other types of content so we can additionally get our brand advertised.

How to create infographics

Nowadays it is not essential to be a graphic designer to be able to create infographics, since there are several tools at our disposal that facilitate the performance of this task:

  • Visme: all-in-one design tool to create professional infographics and ready to share in minutes, and without design experience required.
  • Canva: undoubtedly one of the most popular tools in this aspect, stands out for its wide range of templates and designs and for very accessible editor for any type of user.
  • Info.gram: this tool is designed for a profile of very schematic infographics, with an abundant amount of figures and graphs.
  • Genial.ly: the main feature of this platform is that it allows the realization of dynamic infographics, which incorporate creative elements, without incorporating a higher degree of complexity.