What is LBS – Location Based Services


LBS or Location Based Services
can be translated as a location-based service and aims to personalize services based on the location of people / users.

What are Location Based Services?

Location Based Services (LBS) are transactions that take advantage of users’ location to show them a series of services. It can be either in the form of specific products, advice on the area or any other possible utility.

With this information, you can carry out online advertising strategy according to where the consumer is. All this thanks to new technologies, geolocation and the connection and data offered through it from smartphones or computers. Companies can detect where consumers are and, in this way, be able to make special proposals based on it.

What is sought with the LBS is to increase the reach and thus achieve a better image in users. Thanks to the constant internet browsing of these, they can take advantage of doubly knowing their interests along with their location.

What are LBS for?

The LBS is a technique that is presented, on the one hand, as a great utility for the home user. Through it you can have emergency services quickly and easily in case you require it. You can get to know nearby shops easily or even compare prices of establishments that are in the area to choose which one to go to.

On the other hand, it is also a support for companies. It allows them to carry mobile marketing strategies. Companies can collect customer data and thereby offer increasingly personalized ads and offers, based on where they are. It also allows them to investigate the competition and thus be able to stand out from it, making offers that make a difference.


Although they may seem like similar concepts, they really have nothing to do with it. GPS is a global positioning system, so it generates data to determine the location of the device. However, LBS is based on services that use localization to generate some benefit.

In this way, location-based services can use GPS to carry out their strategy.

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