What is Geolocation



Geolocation is a term used to describe the ability to detect and record the places where users are located and use such information to improve the service offered on the website.

Geolocation is not only possible on mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops or tablets, but desktop computers or Smart TVs can also be geolocated because they are connected to the Internet.

Today this geolocation is so precise that you can locate an address on the map and not just coordinates.

Types of geolocation

There are three types:

  • GSM Geolocation:It is the one provided by mobile phone towers and that can be tracked by a mobile phone. It is of the three types the most imprecise since they mark the area where the device is located but not the exact location.
  • GPS Geolocation:This location exists thanks to a global network of 30 satellites that orbit around the earth. Each of these satellites emits a signal in a time interval, marking the actual location of the device connected to it.
  • WIF Geolocation I: It is the one given by the IP address of a router. Because of this, you can know the location of a device such as a desktop computer or a Smart TV.

Geolocation in applications

There are many mobile applications that work with a geolocation system. The most famous and complete is Google Maps because it tells you both where you are and what is around you (restaurants, cafes, shops, etc …) to be able to have all the information in a single application.

Also the applications designed to control the practice of physical exercise and that thanks to wearable devices such as smartwatches,which have GPS technology, you can see the route that the user has followed during their training.

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