What is Domain Authority


The Domain Authority, also known as DA or Domino Authority. This is a value that determines the authority of a web page or an entire domain. The DA is a value closely linked to the authority of the website or a domain. It refers, more specifically, to the weight that a portal has within the field of organic positioning.

It is a metric whose numerical value ranges from 1 to 100. It should not be confused with the Page Authority (PA) as it only refers to a certain page. The DA is not only one-page but also portal.

It depends a lot on multiple factors, the quality of the content, the links that appear from other portals among other points. In other words, it is something that has a lot to do with the SEO positioning of a web page. Today it is essential, since a good position means a greater traffic of users.

How to measure it?

To know the Domain Authority can be done from various places:

  • One of them is the Moz tool, which is one of the world leaders in terms of organic positioning. The tool is Open Site Explorer.
  • Other options that you have to know this parameter, yes you need to go to the web, is to download the extensions for Firefox and Chrome from the next page of Moz. The extensions will display not only the Domain Authority but also the Page Authority of the urls that appear in the search engine results.

How to increase DA?

One of the ways to improve the DA is through generating quality links. For this it is essential to create quality content, which differentiates you in some way and in this way generate links from other places, quality links. As long as they come from authority websites and where they talk about related topics, it will be much better.

What is the Domain Authority for?

The DA serves to measure the quality of the porting when talking about web positioning. In this way, it will be useful to analyze our competition. It allows us to see any keyword, which websites are better placed and which DA has each of them. The same goes for BP. It helps us to know if it will be easier or more complicated to position ourselves in the results based on the pages that appear there.

It is a rating system that allows us to establish the authority of the web, and, as it rises, better organic traffic is achieved thanks to a good position in search engines.

In this way, these two values (DA and PA) you can see the strength of the domain and the various pages with respect to the rest of the Internet websites.

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