What is Trust Flow

Trust Flow


Trust Flow is an SEO metric used by majestic and moz companies. Determines the quality of an address or an entire domain based on the level of trust and quality of all sites that link to it through one or more backlinks. They are the most used tools to measure the authority of the web domain and its relevance.

It is a concept that has been active on the Internet for years but can only be measured with the right tools. It is also gaining importance due to the priorities currently held by google algorithms and other search engines. Currently, quality is rewarded for quantity. It is extremely important both the reputation of the web and the quality of the links.

What is Trust Flow for?

It is a way to know the quality of a site based on the quality of all the places that lead to it through the backlinks that are scattered. That is why it is an essential means in terms of SEO positioning to elaborate backlinking strategies, as well as to check if you are managing to increase the reputation in Google.

Experts should go to this subject to assess whether to get links from one website or another, depending on their level of trust.

But not only that, it also helps to improve your own through these strategies and thus become a place for others to turn to grow.

How to calculate the Trust Flow of a page

To calculate the Trust Flow of your page, SEO analysis tools are necessary. Sites can be found where limited checks can be done for free, but most will have to offer the data.

The score is between 0 and 100, with 0 being the worst and 100 the best.

How to increase the Trust Flow of a web page

Improving the site’s Trust Flow will improve its ability to position itself. The Trust Flow is not an absolute value but depends on the field that each web page treats.

For example, a page can have a very broad influence in one field and very small in another. A marketing-seo link will favor positioning a marketing page that is dedicated to the sale of office supplies.

The way to increase the Trust Flow of a website is to get links from other pages of content similar to that of the main website and that have a Trust flow superior to yours.

It is also important to note that the position of the link influences and will determine its relevance. The link that is entered within the text of the page will always be more relevant than one that has been included in the footers or headers.