What is Subdomain


A subdomain is an extension of the domain used to organize the different sections of a main website but that works independently. The subdomain is composed in this way: https://subdominio.dominio.com/, showing the content that the owner places in the folder that has been destined in the hosting itself.

How subdomains affect SEO

Subdomains affect the SEO of our homepage, most of the time, in a negative way. By being crawled independently to the web, it can happen that the search results and the authority are divided between domain and subdomain. This will cause the positioning of our websites to lag behind when competing with each other. Also, you should be careful when writing content to your primary domain and subdomain. Writing the same texts will be sanctioned by Google as duplicate content. You shouldn’t create subdomains without good reason, but there are times when they can be used.

To use subdomains

Subdomains are a great tool when you know how to use them, it is important to differentiate when they can be beneficial and when they can’t. These are some of the cases in which it would be advisable to use it:

International projects

If your company is international or you are looking to expand around the world with your website, using subdomains is a good option. You can have different pages, each with its own language, which at the same time are related to the main one. This will allow us to save on the acquisition of new domains or on deployments on different servers.

Creating subdomains to make landing pages focused on paid campaigns is a widely used option. A subdomain will allow you to optimize the page. The user who enters from the ad will be able to acquire the services in a few steps. It will also allow the Ads campaign to link to the homepage. Experts in Google Ads perform this type of techniques to achieve great results with paid campaigns.

Web Applications

To host your application on the Internet, you will need a subdomain for applications and for web versions of the applications. We can find many examples, such as:

  • https://app.sistrix.com/login
  • https://apps.apple.com/es/app/
  • https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • https://web.skype.com/



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