What is Digital Trafficker

Digital Trafficker


A digital trafficker is the person in charge of planning, implementing, analyzing and optimizing the traffic acquisition campaigns of a digital project. A trafficker must have knowledge and skills of qualified traffic capture strategies, both at the organic level (content on the web and social networks that capture visits without advertising investment) and at the level of advertising such as media campaigns or pay per click.

Due to the rise of the digital sector and ecommerce, the position of trafficker is currently a rising job profile, with demand both from advertising agencies and by companies and online stores

Requirements to be a digital trafficker

The digital trafficker profile requires professionals with the following skills:

  • SEO: The knowledge and mastery of strategies of SEO positioning becomes a primary tool when it comes to attracting users to our website since the position we occupy in the page ranks of search engines will largely determine the number of users who come to our website.
  • CMS: Domain of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Jooomla, Prestashop. These tools allow us to optimize our website for users and make it more attractive so that we reduce bounce rates and increase engagement.
  • SEM: Specialization in management of PPC campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. SEM campaigns are the perfect complement to SEO strategies, because while the latter represent a more medium and long-term strategy, SEM allows us to obtain more immediate results.
  • Design: Advertising banner design capabilities in their different formats.
  • Tagging: Adserver domain and tag tagging of external servers.
  • Web analytics: The web analytics domain and its tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc … it is essential to be able to detect possible failures in our campaigns and optimize them for the future.
  • Information:in a world as dynamic as that of online marketing, being aware of all the news of the advertising environment is a considerable competitive advantage.
  • Languages: Proficiency in languages, preferably English.


What tools a digital trafficker uses

Among the tools most used by a trafficker we can highlight:

  • Digital analytics: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • UX: Hotjar.
  • Web Design: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
  • SEO: Sistrix, Ahrefs.
  • SEM: Semrush, Google Ads, Facebook Ads.
  • Analysis and reports: Word, Powerpoint, Excel.

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