What is SEO Manager

seo manager


An SEO Manager or SEO specialist is the figure within a company responsible for carrying out the search engine positioning strategy. The objective of an SEO Manager is to increase the traffic of the website for which he is responsible and in this way get it to appear in the top positions of the search engines.

Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that seeks to obtain the greatest number of impacts with the least number of resources, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is based on the creation of quality content which determines that the SEO specialist has a very complete profile, with knowledge of marketing, semantics, web optimization and analytics among many other characteristics.

SEO Manager Features

As we have mentioned before, the mission of the SEO Manager is to increase the organic traffic of a website to increase its performance. This implies being able to develop multiple tasks of different kinds, but related to each other:

  • Generate engagement:it is essential to satisfy the customer thanks to the optimization of the user experience, so that they feel comfortable on our website, invest time in visiting it and return.
  • Content creation:content has a leading role in the SEO strategy, since thanks to this we manage to connect with users by attracting traffic to our website. The creation of content by the SEO specialist must be periodic and of quality, being the core of the search engine positioning strategy.
  • Web Analytics:The SEO manager must be able to interpret all the digital metrics that express the behavior of users with our website and allow him to optimize it and improve the digital strategy.
  • Control of the operation of the search engines:this position requires having a complete knowledge about the operation of the different search engines, the algorithms that drive them and all the news and changes that condition their operation.

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