What is Webmaster



A webmaster is a person who manages a website. Some definitions indicate that a webmaster is the person responsible for an Internet server, although it is popularly known by this term as the owner of a website or the person in charge of keeping it enabled.

Functions of a webmaster

Depending on the size of the site, the webmaster could be responsible for any of the following functions:

  • Ensure that the Web server hardware and software are running correctly.
  • The design of the website.
  • Creation and updating of Web pages.
  • Respond to user feedback.
  • Creation of CGI scripts.
  • Monitoring traffic through the site.

Knowledge of a webmaster

Depending on the nature of the websites they manage, webmasters usually know scripting languages such as ColdFusion, JavaScript,  JSP, .NET, Perl, PHP and Ruby. Knowledge may also be required to know how to configure web servers, such as Apache HTTP (Apache) or Internet Information Services (IIS), and to be a server administrator. Most server roles should however be supervised by the IT administrator. Among the fundamental responsibilities of a webmaster, may include the regulation and management of the access rights of the different users of a website or content management system. Introducing content can be part of one of the many functions of a webmaster, although creating you doesn’t have to be included.

Basically, the webmaster manages the information trees, designs the appearance of the page, the HTML codes of the pages, takes care of the editing and additions to the site and checks that the links are intact. In addition, it monitors routes and sometimes responds to the email generated by the site. The exponential growth of the World Wide Web has created unprecedented demand for webmasters.

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