What is CMO

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer


The chief marketing officer or CMO is the company executive responsible for corporate branding, advertising, marketing channels, customer reach, and all other aspects of marketing. The CMO is considered part of the top level of management with responsibilities that typically span all of the company’s product lines and geographic regions.

The CMO can be equated to the title of marketing director,and is responsible for activities in an organization that have to do with the creation, communication and delivery of offers that have value for customers, customers or business partners.

Functions of a CMO

Among the tasks that a CMO must develop in his job we can highlight:

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and analysis of the company’s marketing campaigns
  • Contracting and relationship with marketing agencies and external consultants
  • Management and supervision of the growth of the internal marketing department
  • Monitoring of marketing strategies and growth of competitors
  • Preparation and management of the marketing budget
  • Management of the digital transformation of the company

Requirements to be CMO

In general, the most requested formal training to be CMO is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or marketing. Given the responsibility of the position, an experience in marketing departments of at least 5 years is usually required.


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