What is CTO – Chief Technology Officer

CTO - Chief Technology Officer


A CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is responsible for the engineering team and implementing the technical strategy to improve the final product. It should not be confused with the CIO (Chief Information Officer) or Chief Information Officer, as the CTO is the product manager, while the CIO is responsible for the technologies.

Difference between CIO and CTO

The CIO is responsible for aligning the company’s goals with its technology, so that its technological needs are met. The CTO is responsible for ensuming that technology to be implemented optimally so that the CIO’s vision is fulfilled, which requires more detailed technical knowledge.


Functions of a CTO

Among the functions of a CTO are:

  • Define infrastructure and security policies according to the strategy set by the CIO.
  • Build and lead the IT team.
  • Select IT technology providers.
  • Performs proofs of concept and prototypes.
  • Coordinates the creation of new products and services.
  • It tracks your team’s projects and IT services overall.
  • Reports to CEO and CIO on the use of IT in the company.
  • Monitor compliance with regulations.


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