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Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords)is one of the most powerful tools to capture customers on the internet in an efficient way, and although many businesses have this clear, they do not always know where to start.

Arimetrics is a consolidated agency, with offices in Madrid and Miami,with a fundamental mission: to help our clients grow and capture business opportunities, in a profitable and sustained way.

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Why do you need a Google Partner in Madrid for your Google Ads campaigns?

We like our work, and we like to be fully up to date with the constant changes that occur in the world of PPC. We are aware that there is more and more competition in all sectors, and we strive to the maximum in, at least, being at the level of the best internationally.

We have empathy with the client: we know the sacrifice involved in investing a significant amount in Adwords – Google Ads, because we do it too. And we do it because we know it’s profitable. For us every euro invested by our clients is as if it were ours.

Three reasons to choose us as your Google Ads agency in Madrid

We are a Google Ads Agency in Madrid with an extensive experience in which we have worked with all types of clients, which has allowed us to acquire knowledge of many business sectors. Thanks to this experience, we take on the challenges with total confidence and guarantee success in any project that is proposed to us.

In addition to our experience as Google Partners in Madrid and our constant concern to be up to date with the latest trends, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your account is in good hands:

  • We assign a certified manager to your account from the first moment and we give you a personalized treatment so that you feel comfortable with our work. Do not forget that the account at all times of your property and that you have no commitment of permanence.
  • We are specialists in Google Ads and the main digital marketing tools. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a diagnosis of your website, a Campaign in Facebook Ads or implement any other strategy for your business to succeed.
  • Experts in Analytics. We send you personalized reports with the periodicity that you need so that you can assess the fulfillment of the objectives. We connect your Ads account with Google Analytics to analyze in detail the behavior of your customers and make the most of your advertising actions.

Frequently Asked Questions about our SEM Service

We specialize in helping our customers give visibility to their products and maximize their sales through Ads in Google Ads.

We put our experience as an Agency in Google Ads in hundreds of projects at the service of our clients, so that in the shortest possible time we will have the campaigns underway and we will start the optimization process.

Through an exhaustive measurement of the metrics we will optimize the account with the aim that its performance improves month by month.

First of all, we arrange with the client a meeting in person, by phone or videoconference in which all aspects related to the service that best suits your needs and objectives are discussed, and based on this the most appropriate management and investment budget in Adwords is established.

Once the proposal is accepted, we will collect as much information as possible about the sector and competitors,and we will have one or more meetings or calls with the client to know in detail the project and create the campaigns with the maximum focus and precision.

Then, we carry out all the creation or management of the Adwords account,of which the owner will always be the client, and in which you will enter your card or bank account so that Google can make the payments.

We periodically contact the client to inform them of the evolution of their campaign and once a month we send a detailed report with all the relevant information, what terms they have searched for, better ads, better keywords, fulfillment of objectives, proposals for improvement, among other indicators.

Likewise, our clients have telephone and email support with direct contact with your account manager.

Google Ads search ads appear at the top of the Google search engine or at the bottom, depending on how well they are among other factors, and may also appear on the Google affiliate site network.

In the case of Display and remarketingads, ads can be shown on specialized portals, press…

Google Shopping ads are displayed at the top or side, in the Google Marketplace, as well as on Google-affiliated sites.

In our Google Ads Agency we offer personalized services, and we understand that each project has different requirements. Therefore, before bidding, we like to know the project in detail, to define its scope and offer a price adjusted to the maximum but with sufficient dedication to achieve success.

The cost of our management (Agency Cost) does not include the cost of the campaigns, which will be paid directly to Adwords.


Arimetrics is a consultancy specialized in PPC and web analytics,with great accumulated experience in the management of SEM projects:

  • We are Google Partners:Approved and with direct support from Google. You can check our partner profile here.
  • Advanced measurement:In all our projects we apply all our analytical knowledge, and we measure each and every one of the relevant aspects of a website to improve and optimize it.
  • Own methodology:We guarantee a periodic maintenance of all accounts thanks to our internal management systems.
  • Certification:All our Adwords managers are certified and have demonstrable experience in account management.
  • Data-driven decisions:We are certified analysts, specialists in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and our entire strategy is based on measurement.
  • Conversion-oriented:Our main objective is for our customers to maximize their sales thanks to our good campaign management
Transparency is fundamental to us. That is why the account is always owned by the client,to which he will have access at all times.

Yes, we make a personalized, complete and understandable monthly report,in which not only the main metrics are analyzed, but advanced metrics, the evolution of the account, as well as proposals for improvement and next optimization steps.

In Arimetrics we boast of having an important portfolio of safisfechos clients and we operate by default without commitment of permanence and with 15 days of notice, unless the client expressly requests a guaranteed support contract for a certain period.


Your company’s budget is too valuable for you to afford to waste it testing. In Arimetrics we guarantee results in search engine advertising with the most adjusted investment.


The management of your business entails many worries so that you add one more. Place your trust in our professionals and focus on your daily activity without wasting time.


The experience and training of our SEM team allows us to work on insurance. We know how to implement your campaigns and what are the most appropriate actions at all times.

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