What is Dayketing



is a marketing strategy that takes advantage of the different commemorative days that take place throughout the year to promote the products and services of a company. In addition to increasing sales, its main objective is to promote engagement with the company’s public through the communication of its values and its brand image. These types of actions are not new, since the celebration of Mother’s Day or Black Friday dates back to the mid-twentieth century. However, new technologies and globalization have created a wide range of promotional opportunities through Dayketing.

The term was coined by publicist Luiggi Sarrias Martí in his book ‘Dayketing. Today is a great day to sell more!’ (2011). He defines it as “a marketing tool with which the maximum performance is obtained from the different daily events (whether present, past or future), for different commercial purposes”.

Dayketing Concept

The main goal is to connect with the public through their emotions, their habits and even their beliefs through advertising campaigns, events and even temporary image changes. There are especially sensitive days in which a complete strategy will have to be designed from the marketing department in coordination with other areas of the company. This is the case of Women’s Day, the celebration of Gay Pride or dates related to cancer and other diseases.

But other commemorations are also common, much more anecdotal and ephemeral, especially on social media (International Croquette, Cat or Star Wars Day). In these cases, which occur almost daily, the responsibility lies with the community manager, who will have to have an updated calendar to organize their publications on social networks.

Keep in mind that Dayketing refers not only to existing ephemeris, but also to the highlighted dates created directly by marketing to increase sales. This is the case of Singles’ Day in China (November 11) or Cyber Monday.

Tricks to do Dayketing

The immediacy of social networks and other digital marketing channels has made Dayketing transcend traditional dates (Christmas or Valentine’s Day) and be used practically any day of the year. Therefore, a good marketing manager, let alone the community manager of a company, must follow the following guidelines so as not to miss the opportunity to connect with their customers, potential and real:

  1. Develop a calendar of contents and projects focused on these dates. There are specific times of the year, such as Halloween, when you have to start working at least a couple of weeks in advance to encourage the desire to buy.
  2. Do a study on the values that best identify a brand. The emotional component and storytelling are fundamental here to achieve engagement.
  3. Know the potential audience and focus the campaigns on the channels in which they are. This does not mean that we have to focus on a single channel, but it does mean that we need to promote it.
  4. Make creative campaigns. You have to try to stand out from the competition, either for a good message or for an original use of visual resources.

The most common mistakes when doing Dayketing

  1. Failure to comply with laws governing advertising in general regarding image rights (using a celebrity’s photograph without permission), intellectual property rights (trademarks). In 2007, the airline Ryanair had to withdraw a campaign that used the image of former Prime Minister (then President) José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
  2. Do not treat designated days with the necessary sensitivity.
  3. Excessively exploit dates that do not connect with the target audience of the company or that go unnoticed due to their low notoriety.
  4. Linked to the previous one, choose days nothing related to the activity of the company and, what is worse, not knowing how to find any relationship even in a humorous tone.
  5. Get involved or encourage political debates, sports, etc. Dates that do not divide the company’s potential customers should be carefully chosen to avoid controversy. For example, Media Markt suffered a serious reputation crisis due to an allusion to the Parade of the Armed Forces on Hispanic Heritage Day.
  6. Disseminate creatives that have little or nothing to do with the commemoration or whose meaning is not easily understandable.

Examples of Dayketing

The advantage of the world being connected today is that Dayketing can have a local character (San Fermín, the April Fair), national (Constitution Day, Hispanic Day) and even international (San Patricio, Christmas). But, as we have mentioned, this tool has always existed.

One of the companies that has used it best, even appropriating the messages of the campaigns at certain times of the year, has been El Corte Inglés. Slogans such as ‘La vuelta al cole’ or ‘Ya es primavera’ have been directly associated with the brand for decades.

Google is another of the big companies that takes advantage of the dates, ephemeris and events of worldwide repercussion to launch its well-known doodles, a transformation of the logo of its home page in which they sometimes include videos, interactive games and other elements.

These are other examples of Dayketing carried out by the big brands in recent years:

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