What is Advertising slogan

Advertising SloganDefinition:

An advertising slogan is a memorable, unique, creative and different phrase. What he seeks is memorability in the public.


What is an advertising slogan?

An advertising slogan is a short and catchy phrase that seeks to reinforce the image of the brand of any company. It is used as a way for users to remember a product, a company or a brand and lead to the purchase of them.

It is a tool that is used to differentiate itself from the rest of the companies that are in the same sector, through showing the benefits they can bring to the consumer.

It is a resource that is used in both advertising and marketing. It is a statement that is used to convey the value of the product that is promoted or even that of the brand itself, but seasoned with a touch that facilitates its memorization. All this is achieved through the use of mnemonic rules.

The slogan has been an element that has always been present in advertising although today it is used in a different way.

What is the function of an advertising slogan?

The advertising slogan has the function of reinforcing the presence of a company or more specifically of its products or services. It is a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the companies that offer similar products, in the same sector. The key is to use catchy phrases, which give them greater visibility but fundamentally, show that the brand in question is the most appropriate. Not so much for the product or service you can offer but for getting your message to easily stay in the consumer’s memory.

The function of the slogan can be defined in:

  • Reinforce the brand image.
  • Generate impact on the consumer and be engraved in their memory.
  • Show the benefits it presents in product or service to the consumer.
  • Improve the visibility and reach of the company.
  • Attract potential consumers or customers and motivate them to buy.
  • Transmit the values and philosophy of the brand.

How to make an advertising slogan?

In truth, you cannot talk about a magic formula to make an advertising slogan. Each brand has a history of how they have devised their slogans and there is hardly anything in common between them.

Despite this, you can talk about keys that will help not only to understand the slogan but also to create it:

  • They are short.
  • They are easy to understand and remember.
  • They present a benefit or indicate an action.
  • It has an exclusive character, identifying and distinguishing the brand.
  • They convey positive feelings.