What is Logo


A logo is a visual representation of a brand, company, or organization. It serves as a unique identifier and symbol that conveys the essence of the company and communicates with its target audience. Logos use graphics and typography in their designs, and are often created with logo creation programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

A logo is a key component of a company’s brand strategy, and often appears on its website, marketing materials, packaging, and other collateral materials.

Logo requirements

A logo to represent a company, product or service in a unique and recognizable way. To fulfill its function, a logo must meet certain requirements:

  • Be easily recognizable: A logo must be easily recognizable and remembered by the public so that it can fulfill its brand identification function.
  • Be easy to reproduce: A logo should be easy to reproduce in different formats and sizes, whether on paper, on screen or on physical objects, so that it can be used in different contexts.
  • Be adaptable: A logo must be adaptable to different supports and contexts, whether on a business card, in an advertisement or on a web page.
  • Be simple: A logo should be simple and easy to understand so that it is easily remembered and recognized by the public.
  • Be consistent: A logo should be consistent in its design and application to avoid confusion and reinforce the brand identity.
  • Be relevant: A logo must be relevant to the audience it is aimed at and to the product or service it represents.
  • Be unique: A logo should be unique and differentiate from other similar logos to avoid confusion and protect the brand.

Types of logos

Although companies today use many different types of logos, they typically fall into two categories:

  • Logo marks: Logo marks are graphic icons that represent a brand or company in a direct and simple way. They usually consist of a logo mark, such as a stylized image or wordmark, accompanied by an icon or badge. Logo marks can be anything from Nike’s iconic Swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches to the Apple logo.
  • Logo symbols: Logosymbols are more abstract shapes that represent a brand or company symbolically. These iconic images can be anything from the Starbucks logo (a simple mermaid) to the Twitter logo (a blue bird). Like logo marks, logo symbols are usually very recognizable and help convey the essentials of a brand to your target audience.

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