What is Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica


Yandex Metrica is the web analytics tool of Yandex, the main search engine in Russia. It consists of a JavaScript code that once integrated into the web sends hits with information about the interactions that occur on the site.

It has the usual metrics in this type of tools, such as page views and sessions that can be broken down by dimensions. It also allows you to define measurement events, create objectives and measure ecommerce metrics. All this makes the Yandex measurement solution considered one of the main alternatives to Google Analytics.

Components of Yandex Metrica

Within Yandex Metrica we can find components such as:

  • Click Map: Heat maps with measurement and visualization of the clicks received within the web.
  • Link Map: Measurement of interaction with html links within the site.
  • Scroll Map: Measurement of vertical scroll on each page.
  • Form Analysis: Measurement of abandonment in form fields.
  • Web Viewer: Session recording (up to 1000 sessions daily with a storage limit of 14 days.
  • Alert system:Notification of web traffic drops by email by notification via email or SMS.
  • Outbound analysis and downloads:measurement of links to external sites and downloads on the site

Advantages of Yandex Métrica

Among the advantages of using this web analytics tool we highlight the following:

    • It’s free.
    • It has an efficient control of Spam Referral.
    • Allows bot filtering.
    • Default bounce correction if the user stays at least 15 seconds on the page.
    • It is compatible with other tools, and can be used in conjunction with other measurement solutions such as Google Analytics or Matomo.
    • It has an app for both Android and iOS.

How to install Yandex Metrica

To install Yandex Metrica simply register on the registration page:


The first step will be to fill in the basic data of the domain:


In the second step you get access to the javaScript code that can be included via html (including it after the tag), via WordPress plugin,or through Google Tag Manager.


Integration with Google Tag Manager

Yandex métrica is compatible with the Google Tag Manager tag manager. It can be installed with an html tag or with a GTM template that integrates all the functionalities and allows you to take advantage of all the measurement advantages of this tool.

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