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We are Experts in Web Analytics and Online Measurement

We perform extensive analyses of web users’ behaviour in every project. Web users do not always follow the expected route: they have different behaviours, comparing the product or service to other websites, and seeking the recommendations of other users.

Analyses and conventions of user behaviour is essential to optimise any online space and we have the methodology and the knowledge for such analyses. Through our extensive experience in large digital analytics projects we are able to offer the following services:

Our Methodology


  • Analysis of the general objectives of the business.
  • Identification of the objectives in online channels: alignment of the objectives of the website or application to those of the organisation.
  • We audit the website and prescribe the most adequate analytical tools for each project such as Google Analytics, Matomo, Adobe,...
  • Definition of the Key Performance Indicators to achieve the objectives and establish a framework for the analysis.

Phase 1


  • We implement advanced metering solutions for optimal data collection to use in decision making.
  • All our implementations are personalised and adapted to the features of each individual project.
  • We use Tag Management tools to accelerate the process of implementation.
  • We create a configuration of the necessary tools for the measurement process. This includes tagging all the events and circumstances which influence the users browsing, from the moment the user logs in, until the user carries out an action we have identified as the target.

Phase 2

Analysis and Reporting

  • We automate the data collection and use personalised solutions for each client.
  • The data from online measurements are complemented with backoffice tools, CRM, etc.
  • We create strategic dashboards for each project and each department involved in the decision making process of the company.
  • We provide essential data visualisations for successful decision making.

Phase 3

Recommendations and Action Plan

  • Based on the data obtained, we formulate recommendations for optimising online marketing strategy of the company.
  • We develop an action plan by which a new optimisation cycle starts.

Phase 4

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Our Clients

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