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Digital Analytics Consulting Service

In an environment where there is more and more competition in all sectors, it is essential to know potential customers.

Digital analytics helps us understand what happens on a web page or app, from how they arrived to know why or why they have not bought or filled out a contact form.

Our services include:

Digital strategy


Definition of objectives and KPIs.

Tagged - Tag Manager


Implementation and Tag Management.



Advanced metrics analysis.

Web Analytics Reports


Custom Dashboards and Dashboards.

We help you understand your business

Web analytics and the measurement of everything that happens in the online environment is a fundamental element to advance in customer knowledge and the improvement of sales processes of the company.

In many cases, the information that can be obtained from the web is ignored, or underused. Counting visits is not enough. It is necessary to understand why users behave in a certain way on the web and how we can get them to perform the actions we want them to do (fill out contact forms, download documents, buy a product …).

All this can be achieved by auditing the quality of the data, making improvements in the measurement and analyzing in depth everything that happens on the web or app.

Our methodology in Digital Analytics

In all our digital analytics projects we apply a structured methodology with the aim of achieving a measurement that reflects the faithful image of the behavior of users on the web. Our analytics process includes the following phases:

Phase 1

  • We analyze the general objectives of the business
  • We identify the objectives of the online channel and align them with the objectives of the company.
  • We define key performance indicators (KPIs) and create an analysis framework.
  • We audit the site and propose the most appropriate web analytics tools for each project: Google Analytics, Matomo, etc.

Phase 2

  • We implement and configure advanced measurement solutions.
  • We use Tag Management tools to streamline the implementation process.
  • We tag all events and interactions relevant to the analysis.

Phase 3

Analysis and reporting
  • We analyze the data collected: campaigns, traffic sources, objectives…
  • We automate data collection by integrating all data sources.
  • We perform a multichannel analysis and definition of attribution models.
  • We create dashboards and data visualizations with Business Intelligence tools

Phase 4

Recommendations and action plan
  • Based on the data obtained, we formulate recommendations for the optimization of the company’s online marketing strategy.
  • We elaborate an action plan with which a new optimization cycle begins.

Need an implementation or analysis?

Our Digital Analytics services are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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