What is Clicky



is a web analytics tool known for displaying results immediately and in real time, so it is usually used to obtain quick visualizations. With Clicky you can see the traffic that reaches the studied website, add external information or even recognize who has left a comment on the page. In addition, you can collect information from Google Analytics or make videos.

Basic Clicky Configuration

Setting up Clicky is very similar to how it’s done in other scan packages. After creating an account, you get an administrator key and a site key (a different one for each site being crawled). The code is then installed manually or a plugin is used. There are integrations for a large number of web software packages (such as Tumblr, Squarespace, Magento or Joomla).

Clicky has in its initial configuration some default widgets, which can be changed. In these you can see the contents, recent visitors, searches, links … It also offers the option to make an automatic comparison with data from the previous period, providing an instant assessment of how the parameters have changed. You can also measure content events, such as users commenting or sharing on social networks.

Most Clicky reports provide a high level of detail across all visitor segments. Information can be filtered and sorted by any column to quickly find what works and what needs to be improved. Clicky also alerts you when a site goes offline so you can react immediately. The uptime of a site is monitored from 5 geographic locations around the world and alerts are sent only when most monitoring servers indicate that service has fallen.

Web analytics with Clicky

Clicky has options like the heat map, which shows where visitors spend most of their time on each page. This can be very interesting to see which parts of a site visitors are most interested in. The tool allows you not only to see who approaches a website, but what you do on it once you have landed. Clicky displays all visitors and every action they take on a website, with the option to attach custom data to visitors,such as usernames or email addresses. So you can analyze each individual visitor and see their entire history.

Another interesting feature is that Clicky automatically tracks certain RSS events as campaigns, without a necessary setup. Clicky also supports dynamic goals and page testing. In addition, you can track some of the data from a Twitter account, a feature it launched long before Twitter itself. In addition, it has alerts based on actions.

Clicky Plugin for WordPress

A plugin can be installed on wordpress, called Clicky statistics, which provides a quick overview of a site’s statistics. It also adds a small image on the WordPress toolbar that shows site visits in the last 48 hours. Through this, you can disable the cookies of the blog and, even so, Clicky will do the personal tracking, without using cookies. It also allows you to see the name of who has made a comment and follow certain types of links, for example, through affiliates.

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