What is Webnode


Webnode is a service for creating Web pages. It is based on a tool that allows you to use the technology of dragging and dropping various elements from texts, blog, forums, photographs, videos, surveys, videos, widgets … for the creation of a web page.

In this way, we can talk about a framework system. People who do not have programming knowledge can, in a very intuitive way, create a website in a matter of hours or minutes.

What is webnode?

Webnode is a system that allows the creation of online pages. It can be classified as a type of software blog program and within the genre of page builder or 2.0 page storage.

The platform offers a basic and free plan, so that the user can test its functionalities at first, and then advance in the payment plans according to the needs that appear.

Webnote stands out from the rest of its category in which you can create multilingual websites, in addition to offering SEO positioning tools

Finally, it offers designs that adapt to the screens of tablets and smartphones and has a gallery of templates that offer a very professional look.


What is it for?

Webnode serves to create and manage pages and web stores in a very intuitive and simple way, thanks to its CMS. Therefore, no knowledge is needed to do so.

It is an ideal system for small businesses, freelancers and online stores. The plans presented by both the mini and the standard and professional offer a free domain for one year and personalized email accounts.

Webnode becomes the best option for those who are starting in the online world and prefer to know a little about the service before hiring premium options.

However, the service becomes somewhat limited without developing other types of projects that may have a more corporate character.

The essential thing, in all cases, is to carry out a previous analysis of what the objectives are, so that the best decision is made and thus avoid wasting time and money.


Advantages and disadvantages of Webnode

The advantages of a system like Webnode are the following:

  • It is adapted to multilingual sites. You can create a version of your site in multiple languages with a couple of clicks. The languages that are added have a subdomain.
  • Backup. It is available with the Standard and Professional plans. It allows you to restore backups and download a version without any connection.
  • Email address included. Webnode provides a professional email address with the domain name.

The disadvantages are:

  • Limited e-commerce functionality. That is why it is recommended for small businesses.
  • Basic blog. You can’t have multiple collaborators or assign posts to more than one category. It does not use the usual headers by which texts are prioritized, which is something that can negatively affect SEO.
  • Lack of key functionalities. It does not have an app store which is a clear disadvantage, since it is very difficult to add additional features to the site.