What is Online Behavior

Online Behavior


Online user behavior is the manifest acts or actions of consumers within a website or App that can be observed through measurement tools or behavioral analysis. It is a relevant factor to evaluate why a user acts in a certain way, anticipate behaviors and detect possible gaps in the purchase process.

Marketers have traditionally analyzed user behavior in the physical purchase process, but in the online environment the accuracy of metrics offers more detailed results and allows you to define tailored actions.

What is the use of analyzing online behavior

Due to the amount of data that can be obtained from observing a user’s navigation and online behavior, it is advisable to have defined the objectives very well before starting the research work and determine what we are really interested in measuring. A good analysis of user behavior should begin when it begins to look for information about the product and be maintained after the sale has been made.

There are periodic studies on the behavior of users on the Internet that measure aspects such as the steps taken by a consumer in an online purchase, which device uses more, if he searches for a product on the Net before buying it in the physical store, etc.


Online Behavior and Digital Marketing

Knowing the way users behave in the online world is one of the pillars within Digital Marketing. The depth of analysis that we can perform allows us to classify users according to their behavior and in this way design marketing strategies fully adapted to it, that is, if we know their behavior we can segment much more effectively. Nowadays practically any action that a user performs on the Internet is recorded and can be analyzed, so the interpretation of the data seems vital to correct our weak points and in the same way to be able to enhance the strong.

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