What is SEO OnPage

seo on pageDefinition:

OnPage SEO refers to the set of actions that we can carry out within our website to improve its positioning in search engines, which is commonly referred to as optimization within the website. Thanks to ONPage SEO we can inform search engines about what our content is about, improve the authority of our domain as well as its indexability.

The actions of THE SEO OnPage are the internal responsibility of the company and not of any external factor, so it is in your hand all the improvements that you can carry out in this aspect. Before performing any type of ONPage SEO action it is necessary that our website is indexed,otherwise the search engine robots will not recognize our website and all these actions will be useless.

Elements of ONPage SEO

Google recognizes different types of elements to optimize when doing SEO OnPage:

  • Headers:Headers indicate the hierarchy of existing content within a website through HTML tagging, which the smaller the number they contain, the greater their importance within the website. The more optimized our web architecture is, the better the content of it will be structured and the user experience will improve.
  • Images:Google robots are not able to read the images on their own but we must enable this work through HTML tagging.
  • Keywords:one of the first jobs that we must do when launching a website is to think about those keywords through which we want to position ourselves in search engines. When publishing a new content it is important that you include several times ( without going over) that keyword so that you can position yourself for it. It is also essential that the content we create is coherent as a whole and all keywords are related to each other as much as possible.
  • URL:optimizing the URLs of your website implies that they contain the keywords for which you want to position, avoid including parameters and redirects and try to make them as short as possible.

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