What is Deeplinking



consists of using a deep link or hyperlink, either on a web page or in the results of a search engine, which directs directly to a page on a website other than the home page of the site. Typically, the home page of a website is the main page in the site hierarchy and any page other than this is considered “deep”.

There are voices that disagree with the proliferation of deep links, as they drive users off the homepage of a site where there are advertisers who pay for space based on page views.


Deep linking in Apps

In the context of mobile applications, deeplinking is commonly used to redirect a user to a specific part of the application without having to go through the main screen. It is a very common method in applications that send warnings to users.

An evolution of this is “deferred deep linking”, which sends a link to a screen of the app even if the user has not installed the app, postponing the activation of said link until the moment in which the user has the application active.

Why deep-linking

Carrying out Deep Linking techniques can become a highly recommended practice since it provides numerous benefits:

  • Engagement: by guiding users to the content they want, we get them to stay longer browsing our website and at the same time that it becomes more involved with our brand.
  • SEO: the use of Depp Linking is conducive to indexing the contents of the website more easily and we can ascend more quickly in the search engines.
  • Objectives: it is a very effective tool for achieving certain objectives such as video views or downloads of a certain app.

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