What is Disavow


Disavow is an SEO tool that is used to tell search engines not to take into account certain links pointing to a website. The idea behind disavow is that some websites have toxic or poor quality links that can damage the reputation of the site and affect its ranking in search results. By using the disavow tool, the site owner can tell search engines to ignore these links and not take them into account when determining the site’s relevance and authority.

How a disavow is made

To use the disavow tool, the site owner must create a text file containing a list of links they want ignored and upload it to the tool. In the case of Google, it is uploaded to Search Console. Search engines will then use this information to exclude these links from their ranking and site authority determination calculations.

Advantages of disavow

Among the advantages of making a disavow we can mention the following:

  • Improves positioning in search results
  • Avoid penalties for poor quality links
  • Helps protect site reputation
  • Allows site owners to have more control over the links pointing to their site
  • Can be a quick and effective solution for link problems

Limitations of disavow

The tool does not remove links permanently, but only instructs search engines to ignore them. Other steps, such as contacting the owners of the sites where the links come from, may need to remove the links more permanently.

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